To implement its mission, the Office of Grants Administration is strategically divided into two units: Grants Development Unit (GDU) and Financial Reporting Unit (FRU).

About Us


• Research and identify grant opportunities;


• Disseminate information on grant opportunities;


• Establish funding partnerships with non-profit organizations, institutions of higher education, community organizations, business and municipalities;


• Conduct grant writing staff development;


• Provide grant writing technical assistance;


• Identify and contract with independent grant writers;


• Collaborate with district offices, Regional Centers and school-sites to align District priorities to appropriate funding opportunities


• Conduct staff development on financial affairs and management;


• Interface with the funding source to clarify budgetary issues such as pre-award budget and/or program negotiation, budget and program amendments, and performance reports;


• Approve new grant program budgets;Review, edit and approve budget and/or program amendments;


• Approve transfer of expenditures and budget transfers;


• Provide technical assistance to the Project Manager on budgetary issues during the implementation period on issues such as contracts, matching funds, statutory compliance guidelines