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Drafting and Executing Contracts


Before you begin, please review all of the grant-related documents:


Should you need assistance with the content of the contract or to determine if a contract or Memorandum of Understanding is best suited for your needs, please contact your respective Grant Administrator


   Board Rule: M-DCPS Business Code of Ethics for Contracts and Documents

For all questions regarding contract execution, please contact us at 305-995-1706.

Paying Contracts

Contracts are typically paid using Shopping Carts or Funds Reservations/Check Requests on the SAP system. The amount of the contract determines the approvals necessary before payment can be made.


















For more information concerning the fiscal management of these contracts please refer to the 

Financial Reporting Tools section of our website.

Recent Board Items

Recent Board Items mentioning a recent grant award and related grants will be required by the School Board Attorney's office during the vetting process. OGA takes all grants awarded over $250,000 and corresponding contracts to the School Board under Agenda Item E-201. To access these Items, please note the date the grant award was taken to the Board.


​To access School Board Meeting Archives, please click here.


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