Due to the new remote work environment, our office has created an abbreviated introduction to grant writing course.

An introduction to the basics of grant writing 

A more in-depth workshop designed to help particpants prepare a competitive grant proposal 

An introduction to the forms and procedures used in the day-to-day financial operation of grant-funded programs

Power Point presentations on the procedures outlined in the post-award training, plus resources for running grant-funded programs

Grant writing assistance for parents interested in applying for grants to support their children's schools

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Grant Writing Mini-Workshop: Insta-Grants!

Due to the new remote work environment, our office has created an abbreviated introduction to grant writing course. Participants will learn how to locate relevant grant opportunities and apply for grants/mini-grants. The workshop covers the process of writing grants/mini-grants and will include tips on how to develop a competitive application. Participants who attend the workshop and submit a draft grant/mini-grant application within three (3) weeks of attending the workshop are eligible to receive 4 MPPs.

Upcoming Workshops:

September 20, 2020

October 23, 2020

To sign up and earn MPP, please click here.

Basics of Grant Writing 


The course Basics of Grant Writing will guide participants through the basic steps of grant writing. Participants will learn how to locate and use funding source directories, develop an idea from abstraction to a well-articulated written proposal requesting financial support, organize and write a proposal or grant application eligible for submission, and develop a budget consistent with proposal objectives. The course will also cover Miami-Dade County Public Schools procedures and guidelines for grant submission.  Participants must register through the Professional Development (PD) Menu and Registration System. The course includes 6 hours of contact and 1 hour of follow-up for 7 Master Plan Points (MPP). In order to receive the 7 MPP, participants must identify a targeted funding source and prepare a mini-grant for submission. Within 60 days following the workshop, a copy of the mini-grant must be sent to the Workshop Facilitator. Additionally, the evaluation must be completed in order to receive MPP.

Recorded Webinar


​Upcoming Live Workshops:

March 26, 2021

June 10, 2021

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Intermediate Grant Writing

The course Intermediate Grant Writing uses group exercises, case studies, and the participant’s own proposal outline to help participants understand the components of a competitive grant proposal, including logic model and budget development. Participants must have previous experience in grant writing and must be approved to attend by one of the District Supervisors in the Grants Administration Department. Participants will leave with valuable resources and have a chance to do some hands-on experimentation with complex federal and state level grant writing processes, which will equip them to replicate the process for future grant writing opportunities applicable to their respective work locations. Upon completion, participants will have to submit an actual and complete grant proposal within the three months following this workshop in order to receive follow-up credit.


Upcoming Workshops:

November 25, 2020

May 28, 2021

To sign up and earn MPP, please click here.

Financial Reporting Unit (FRU) Post-Award Training

Attendance is mandatory for grant program managers who have not attended in the past fiscal year. This training is highly encouraged for school-site personnel who are involved in the operation of grant programs (e.g. Treasurers, Executive Assistants and Assistant Principals).  Also, anyone who would like to refresh their knowledge is welcome. Training sessions take place on a monthly basis via live webinar.

Upcoming Workshops:


Training Materials:

Post-Award Training Session Power Point in PDF

Sample Documents and Useful Forms - PDF

Procurement Process - PDF

Additional Financial Training Online


Additional information and training for the SAP financial system is available through the SAP Finance Training link below.  Also, presentations on the automated Time and Effort Certification reporting process and the Budget Transfer process are available through the Power Point presentations below.


SAP Finance Training (M-DCPS Log-In required)

Time and Effort Certification Information - Power Point

How to do a Grants Budget Transfer - Power Point

Uniform Grant Guidance/Green Book Changes and Implementation - Power Point


SAP ERP Training Modules – Recommended for fiscal management within M-DCPS’s systems once you have been awarded a grant:

  • Budget / Grant Availability Report

  • ​Shopping Carts / Goods Received

  • Funds Reservations / Check Requests

  • Payroll Processing

  • Budget Transfers

"Parents Get Grants" Workshops

In today's financial climate, supplemental grant funding can support programs and enrichment activities that enhance the educational experience. Each year, additional funding is available through a multitude of grant opportunities. Most often, district administrators, school leaders, and teachers apply for grants. However, parents can also apply for grants on behalf of schools. Through the "Parents Get Grants: Grant Writing Resources for M-DCPS Parents" initiative, the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs, Grants Administration, and Community Engagement will utilize existing resources and community partnerships to help train and guide parents in applying for grants in support of their children's schools. Resources that will be available through this initiative include the Grant Writing 101 workshop, subscription to free monthly funding newsletter, grant writing webinars, and access to all resources through the parent and community portals on 

Grant Writing 101 Workshop Presentation

Grant Writing 101 workshop at 2019 PTA/PTSA Building Leaders Today conference

Miami Coral Park High School