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School Board Items

A School Board Agenda Item is required for all grant awards over $250,000 funded to Miami-Dade County Public Schools (6110 - Grant Funds). The project manager for the grant-funded program is responsible for preparing the Board Agenda Item and backup information and submitting it to the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs and Grants Administration's (OIAGA) staff prior to the deadline below. OIAGA then reviews the items and submits them for inclusion in the Board meeting agenda.


This webpage provides useful information to assist you in preparing the Board Agenda Item and related back-up information. Technical assistance is provided by OIAGA staff.  Please contact Mr. Yorley Monteagudo at 305-995-1706 or via email at for exact due dates of Board Items.


The Grants Administration office will develop the C-80 item mentioning the grant awarded. However, it is each program office's responsibility to provide the Board Item Backup document as well as the Budget Summary Form before the C-80 item is developed. 




Board Item Backup


The key elements within the Board Item Backup Template are the following:

  • succinct information regarding the funding source;

  • a brief description of the funded project;

  • the date that the award notification was received;

  • the amount of the grant and the major budget items that the grant will cover;

  • if particular schools are identified, provide the rationale for selecting the participating schools;

  • if matching funds are required, provide the explanation;

  • if matching funds are not required, include the phrase “No local funds are required".

Budget Summary Form

Budget Summary Form - this form is to be completed by the project managers in collaboration with the Financial Reporting Unit. Use your grant budget to determine budget object codes and functional areas. Refer to Budget Assistance Sheet for the correct percentages for fringe benefits and the current Indirect Cost rate.

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