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Financial Reporting Tools

The forms list will assist in preparing a grant application, predicting and tracking grant expenditures, transferring funds within an established budget, and transferring expenditures into or out of a grant. Contact Ms. Mariana Castaneda-Penchina, Coordinator, at 305-995-2696, Ms. Barbara Garcia, Coordinator, at 305-995-1289, Ms. Awilda Ruiz-Cintron, Coordinator, at 305-995-1426, or Ms. Carmen Lopez, Executive Director, at 305-995-1501 if you need assistance. To use Excel spreadsheets, you must first save them on your computer.



Sign up for Post-Award Financial Training conducted by our department on the Workshops page.

Grants Availability Reports display available funds of grant-related funding structures. They can be accessed through the SAP Reports Screen on the Employee Portal. If you do not have access to this report, please contact your site administrator to submit a HEAT ticket for access.

How to Access The Grants Availability Report on SAP.


Budget Assistance Sheet 2023-2024 This sheet provides salary, fringe benefits, functions, object codes and other budget information to assist the grant writer in preparing a grant budget.

Fringe Calculator 2023-2024 - The Excel spreadsheet is used to calculate fringe benefits for full-time and hourly employees, temporary instructors, and indirect cost. To use the Excel spreadsheet, you must first save it on your computer. This form is to be used to make changes in existing programs or to create a budget for applications or new programs.

Grants Budget Document - To be used for Budget Transfers related to grant funds only. Refer to the comments on the document fields for more help on completing the template. Save the form as an Excel document on your computer before completing it. Please e-mail the completed form to your Grants Supervisor.


Transfer of Expenditures - This form is used to transfer grant related expenditures into your grant. It is an Excel Spreadsheet and needs to be addressed to your OIAGA contact. To use the Excel spreadsheet, you must first save it on your computer.


Projected Equipment Purchases Form - Equipment projected to be purchased with funds from this grant must be submitted on this form or in a format that contains the information appearing on this form.


Time and Effort Certification System - This is a guide that explains the purpose and process of reviewing and approving the Time and Effort reports required three times per year (July, November, and March) to certify the time and effort of employees who are paid through federally-funded grants.


Time and Effort Forms - Single Cost Objective & Transfers - This manual form (non-SAP) is to be completed at the request of Grants Administration to certify the effort of an employee serving a single program. The form is to be signed by the employee or the supervisor.


Time and Effort Forms - Personnel Activity Report (PARs) for Cost-Shared Allocation - This manual form (non-SAP) is to be completed at established intervals at the request of Grants Administration to certify the effort of an employee that serves more than one program with the effort represented as a percentage for each program served. The form is to be signed by the employee or the supervisor.

M-DCPS Payroll Processing Schedules 

In-Service Reimbursement Payment Procedure - Click here to go to the Compensation Administration website for guidelines to submit In-Service Reimbursement requests.


Hourly/Overtime Waiver - A Hiring Waiver is required for PART-TIME AND/OR OVERTIME personnel who are currently hired or will be hired on grant-funded programs. This memorandum is a sample template for you to use in requesting approval of the Hiring Waiver.


Non-School Site Approval Request to Advertise OR Fill A Position (FM 6212) - A document used to allow personnel to be hired under a grant funded position.


Acknowledgement of Grant-Funded Position - By signing this form, you are attesting that you fully understand and accept that the position is a grant-funded position with a delineated start and end date. Since this position is grant-funded, there is no warranty of an extension of employment beyond the expiration date of the grant or any expectation of future employment with Miami-Dade County Public Schools. Once the form is completed, a copy must be kept on file at the worksite, another one to be sent to the appropriate Regional Center, and also email to


FLDOE Project Amendments -

Form DOE 150 is used when requesting a change from the Florida Department of Education in some aspect of a grant which has already been awarded. Changes can include: grant goals and objectives and/or creating a new or changing a budget line item.

The Budget form that should be used for a budget amendment, DOE 151, is based on the original budget presented on the Project Budget Form (DOE 101) used when the application was submitted. Contact with OIAGA is required before initiating this process.



Florida Department of Education Red Book - This link is to the Florida Department of Education's Red Book which contains FDOE financial and cost accounting guidance pertaining to grants.

Guide to Open Grant-Funded Programs - This PDF report is updated regularly. Programs will be deleted from the Guide as of their liquidation date. Should you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Ms. Carmen Lopez at 305-995-1501.



Uniform Grant Guidance (FDOE) - The U. S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has streamlined the Federal Government's Guidance on Administrative Requirements, Cost Principals, and Audit Requirements. This new guidance is effective for all new grants or additions to grants awarded after December 26, 2014. Martha Asbury, Assistant Deputy Commissioner, Florida Department of Education, has done this presentation.  



If further assistance is needed please contact

Ms. Barbara Garcia at 305-995-1289, Ms. Awilda Ruiz-Cintron at 305 995-1426,

or Ms. Carmen Lopez at 305-995-1501.

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