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Submitting and Reporting Grant Awards


All M-DCPS personnel are to contact staff in the Office of Grants Administration (OGA) at (305)995-1706 prior to generating any paperwork leading to the submission of a grant application. Contact with OGA staff is critical to ensure district-wide coordination of grant submissions and because funding agencies frequently limit the number of submissions per school district.


OGA staff will support the grant development process as follows: 


  • facilitate the development of a grant proposal which supports the Vision 20/20: 2015-2020 Strategic Blueprint;

  • coordinate the grant submission process;

  • confirm  funder’s eligibility requirements;

  • develop a letter of commitment or letter of support from the Superintendent, if appropriate;

  • link the grant writer(s) with collaborative partners, if appropriate;

  • provide the grant writer(s) with technical assistance including budget preparation; and

ensure that District procedures are followed according to an established timeline.


All grants are affected by this requirement, including those submitted on-line and those involving partnerships with an outside agency acting as fiscal agent. Teacher mini-grants administered by the Foundation for New Education Initiatives, Inc. and The Education Fund, and teacher scholarships/fellowships that are awarded directly to the teacher are exempt from these procedures.  All grant funds awarded to the District, schools and/or Miami-Dade County Public School employees must be reported to OGA. 


Grant awards and donations must be reported to the School Board. Pursuant to School Board Policy 6110 – Grant Funds, OGA must take all grant awards of $250,000 and above to the Board for approval.  Grant awards under $250,000 must be reported to the Board on a quarterly basis. In addition, pursuant to School Board Policy 7230 – Gifts to the School District, donations or gifts of money over $50,000 must be approved by the Board prior to being accepted. All equipment that is donated or a gift with a value of greater than $50,000 in aggregate requires Board approval. Please see the chart with specifics on thresholds, Board Policy, approval and reporting requirements, and need to contact OGA for assistance. 
























Please refer to School Board Policy 7230 – Gifts to the School District for special category requirements for goods donated to school and/or district sites.


Memo on Submission of Grant Applications and Reporting of Grant Awards (October 3, 2023) 

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