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The Children's Trust

Requests for Proposal Involving M-DCPS


The Children's Trust has released a competitive solicitation for a new five-year funding cycle for Youth Development Services.  

RFP 2018 Youth Development:  K-5

RFP 2018 Youth Development:  6-12

Programs operating within a M-DCPS service site:  Community-based organizations interested in partnering with M-DCPS to provide youth development programs or services during out-of-school time should first contact the principal of the school to obtain information about collaboration opportunities and rental fees that may be charged for use of their facilities.  Once approved by the school principal, applicants must obtain a Letter of Support (LOS) from M-DCPS' Office of Grants Administration.  To obtain the letter, applicants must complete the Letter of Support Form and submit a draft of the Letter of Support to Marysel Urbanik at urbanikm@dadeschools.netThe letter should include the following:


  • Specific school space that will be needed;

  • Specific school/program days and hours of operation;

  • Estimated student fees to be charged (if any); and 

  • Staff and other support to be provided.  

Receiving a LOS from M-DCPS is contingent upon review and coordination by the Office of Grants Administration and ample time is needed to process requests.  In order to receive the letter prior to the grant due date, all requests must be submitted by Friday, January 12, 2018Any requests submitted after that date may not be processed before the grant submission deadline.  

If an application is successful in receiving funding, an Affiliating Agreement with the School Board is required prior to beginning services.  The Children's Trust will assist in coordinating that process with M-DCPS after the award notifications.  



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